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Welcome to Native Arabians Horses bredding farm :

Lumiar Echo

We took a special care to select for you the best breeders tuds ans mares, in the world, to offer you very high quality horses, trying to focus our goal on black coat as possible.

Valentina AA

Our breeding program is based on four points :

. The selection of pedigrees : you'll find in our pedigrees greatest champions' names :

Thee Desperado, Ajman Moniscione, WH Justice, Marwan Al Shaqab, Bey Shah, NV Beau Bey, Besson Carol, Qr Marc, Padron etc... !!!!!

We also use outside breeding premium quality  : Magic Magnifique, Van Gogh, etc...

. The general morphology : we select horses with hard skelettons, solid bones, very exotic types, specialy in heads, showy movements, every one must reconize our horses as Native Araians at first glance.

Kareem SWF

. Health : Are admitted to reproduce at SH Black Arabians Farm's program, only horses who present negativ serology for : SCID, CA, Viral Arteritis and Contagious Metritis.

. Character : The bloodlines we choose must be known for their sweetnes, are deviating from our program all touchy subjects.

Thus, we are proud to offer you healthy and pleasant magnificent horses, whether for sport, show, breeding or leisure, on a wide range of price.

Your futur horse is already in SH Black Arabian farm !