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(L.A. Karat X Miss Psyche par Padrons Psyche)

Grey Stud 2012

LA Karat

Miss Psyche

WH Justice

L.A Kalahri

Padrons Psyche


Magnum Psyche

Vona Sher-Renea

Shaklan Ibn Bengali

Khouri BB




Amurath Isis

La Karat

Miss Psyche

Kareem represents proudly his fabulous pedigree : WH Justice ans twice Padrons Psyche.

His head is nothing less but perfect, very exotic, very small, cute ears, huge black expressiv eyes. Kareem has also an excellent body, awesome neck, very well attached, short straight and strong back, with a perfect tail attachment.

Kareem move with grace, elegance and lightness, he hasa very airy trot, breathtaking movement !

This stunning horse, with his rich heritage is a Premium quality stud, perfect for show because of his beauty, his attitude, his morphology and natural smartness.

His goldy character make him a dreamy horse who give to his descendants much more than only a prestigious pedigree !

Results :

. Scottsdale Signature Stallion 2013 nominated

. AHBA Stallion futury (World Cup Vegas) 2013 nominated

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